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I’m conflicted
As an Australian who loves native animals
You must be taken out, you’re feral
A wildlife criminal, extinction agent
Cut and dried the decision
But it seems it’s not that easy
Rambo, wiley fox
On the loose, area set for protection
Pilliga Forest, reintroduce endangered species
Held up for more than 18 months
There can’t be a fox in there
Not even one
But in there he is
Three years evading capture
Posing for surveillance cameras
Evading shooters, escaping detection dogs
Not taking 3,000 baits
(Don’t agree with any of that)
Even eye in the sky drones
Can’t see him
Every thing, everyone
If only Australia had its own fox whisperer
Like the united Kingdom
The only one I know
Who could draw him out
Capture, remove – not kill
She understands the magnificence
Of the much maligned fox
Mutual trust
A most humane human
Alas, she’s too far away
But nevertheless willing
She would jump on a plane
Traverse the sky
Come for him
To coax him out
Keep him alive
Can’t help barracking for Rambo
His will to live should earn him that
Can’t free range, not in the Pilliga
Not here in any Aussie ecosystem
Maybe a sanctuary, escape-proof
Living proof of his Sly survival savvy
Living out his notoriety
There’s no further news
No Rambo has Fallen headline
Maybe taken out on the quiet
He’s got quite a following
He may still be obstructing
Still holding up
Still holding out
Maybe slipped the net
Only out of place where he doesn’t belong
Didn’t evolve here, not a part of this nature
Brought here by folly
Not his fault

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