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‘Five Shooter’ Third Finger -Tiger

Right of reply
Something to say to Leo
I’m Panthera too
Our path used to cross
Not any more, Caspian is gone
Haven’t seen any Asiatics lately
Nothing to prove, I’m bigger
The biggest big cat
Panthera Tigris
Jungle and forest hunter
Camouflaged for the stalk
Bright with dark marking
Black and burnt orange striped warning
For those in the know
Unlike the Lion, at home in the water
When hungry, no-where is refuge
The quarry needs to worry
Needs to be fast, alert
I am the third finger
Nothing breaks my hold
Yet even me, the real Tiger King
Queen is just as apt
Recognise our majesty
I’m slinking back
As my range is shrinking
97 percent gone in fact
Holding on in India and Nepal
Bhutan, Russia and China
Maybe something over 3500 left
Fading from country after country
In South East Asia, gone from Bali and Java
Driven back, some nearly gone
As the last few Sunda Sumatrans roam
Their receding forest domain
Humans and Tigers can’t cohabitate
The boundaries must be drawn
Wild areas for wild animals, that’s all
Leave us home alone
Today of all days
International Tiger Day
Well deserved renown
Likes and loves and celebrations
Left alone in a protected home
The last of our ranges
We would do OK
Do what we’ve always done
Apex predation, population control
By all means shoot to thrill
Having ditched the shoot to kill
In the #newbigfive
Visiting if you dare
Showing that you care
Capture an image
A face for conserving, preserving
Recording the biggest cat
In its natural habitat
If you can make me out
A timely reminder, a majesty
Every day is Tiger’s day
Every day here is good
Think about how you can help
If you want us still around

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