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Five Shooter – Little Finger: Polar Bear

‘No With the Flow’
I evolved to blend in
To the ice and snow
To go with the flow
Now ice floes melting
Nowhere to go
No with the floe
Don’t let me lose my coat
Distinctive white, snow-blinding
And end up a dirty brown bear
In the no ice and snow around
Nothing against brown bears
Solid ground bound
They at least can live there
That’s their territory
Not ours, Ice Mariners
We are seal hunters, swimmers
But if our vessels melt
How long can we swim, how far
We can swim for days
How long can we tread water
Our prey out here used to abound
Not easily found from solid ground
From the shore, marooned
Unless the seals are in the same boat
Hungry times will stick around
For a hypercarnivore
You humans classified us as marine mammals
What will we then become, reclassified
Our very identity threatened
Not marine, not white
(Though my skin is black
Just my fur is light)
A bear like any other
Grizzly, Brown, Kodiak – Sun
Though still the largest one
Yet this poet has made us the Little Finger
Explain yourself, man!
As if we don’t have enough to deal with
And at the end, diminutive
OK Polar Bear, speaking for Humans
Mea Culpa
The reason is at hand, actually
About talking to the hand
You’re one of the New Big Five
To be shot on sight, digitally
By camera, only your image taken
To live on in pixels, immortal
As number four, Little Finger
You lock-in the finger grips
Waiting for the thumb, last one
Next story to complete, Primate
Then we talk to the hand
All Five
Working as one
All the Big Five are fellows
In the increasingly crowded
No longer exclusive
Endangered Species Club
But the Polar Bear, front line
Habitat climate impact
No flow
Nowhere to go
Turning Ursus into Ulysses
On an Odyssey to remain living
Chasing garbage trucks
Raiding foot huts
Facing the gun for hunger
The hunger that can’t be satiated
When the source of food is gone
Out to sea, increasingly devoid
Of stark white summer ice
Ridden by Polar Bears

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