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Pet’s Teacher

(Spoiler Alert! Watch the doco first!) Role reversalMessage universalWatch and learnEven weepThis teacherAt any momentCan be scooped upCooked and eatenLesson overLife endedThough the lesson to takeIs about understandingConsciousness expandingTo encompassA new world viewLife on earthIs a promise sharedSentience aboundsNot just in usRequiring a new sensibility#earthsharingEarth is for allLife on earthIncluding our eight-limbed teacherDropping her cobbled shell coverCamouflage and defenceTo reach outTo touch and swimWith another strange creatureLearning, not knowingShe’s a… Read More »Pet’s Teacher

End of Story

The end of the storyIs the storyThe #shadowstoryOf why it had to endWhy should this happenWhy could this happenWho’s wins from your lossWho is responsibleHow did your protection failWith fatal resultsLet’s finish with all that at the end… You can’t even have one hornWithout someone coveting itKilling you and cutting itFor money for fake medicineYou died for…well, nothingJust humans dealingImaginary media of exchangeFor flowers and chocolateCars, electricity billEveryday items and…For imaginary… Read More »End of Story

The Tribe Endangered No. 5 The Life of Brian

Not that BrianThe one who lived next doorAnd was mistaken for, the MessiahOur Brian is a PongoSimilar to humans in many waysWho had the misfortuneOf living next to human food productionHe was orphaned, forsakenLets switch to his storyThe Brian of LifeLittle Man of the too little forestClinging to his kind’s nameSwinging as he is wont to doTarzan-like from tree to treeLiving in the treetops, born freeBut as with all these… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No. 5 The Life of Brian

The tribe Endangered no. 4 Susu Stupendo AKA Sagacity

Meet Susu StupendoWe’ll have what she’s having!Aquatic joie de vivreExpressed above waterWe came from water tooBut only she returnedTook the plunge back inTurned hoofs back into finsFifty million years agoBut did not stop breathing the airBound to the surface periodicallyJust to catch her breathIf only we had what she showsHer audacity of sagacityTo adapt to the river of lifeFlowing from the high HimalayasPerfectly in tuneA type of singing to talkAnd… Read More »The tribe Endangered no. 4 Susu Stupendo AKA Sagacity


Even the thickest skin won’t stop indifference, projectiled Insults, yes, but not nonchalance when apatheticism rules the day enabling the greedy and the hungry to ply their grisly trade Indigence is a bullet loaded in a gun a chainsaw, a snare, a trap any weapon to make a living to keep the wolves from the door (though we don’t disparage wolves anymore) neither should we stand for the cause of… Read More »Thick-Skinned

The Tribe Endangered – Pascale’s Shadow

Image: Wildatlife e.V. On the one hand We tried to share the light Illuminate the good things The efforts to delist the endangered pangolin Yet the brighter the light The darker the shadowstories For every good story There another noir… All too real Ah, Pascale You little queue jumper Couldn’t wait to get to the top  The end point on the list Last gasp of your life on earth To… Read More »The Tribe Endangered – Pascale’s Shadow

The Tribe Endangered No. 3. Penny

Meet Penny, one of the endangered Pangolins. Number 3 in The Tribe Endangered, but should be number one. A Penny for your thoughts And if you think about it So many Pennys are in peril So many pennys needed to fund The work of protecting and rehabilitating These shy and unassuming creatures Happy that while in rehab You are protected and safe Not against Hyaenas, your armour fits Not against… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No. 3. Penny

The Tribe Endangered No. 1. George

Where’s George today? Elder statesman of the tribe Perhaps its long-lived Chief George we’ve already introduced In another verse, but here he is again Unknowingly enjoying his fame He lives his life on a beach An Atoll called Cousins At a giant tortoise pace  Aldabra Giant Tortoise Aldabrachelys Gigantea Lumbering around In his mobile helmet home OK, because that’s what he is And that’s what giant tortoises do The same… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No. 1. George

The Tribe endangered No. 2 Mrs c (too late)

Image: Liz Gallie We start sadly Because it ended badly  Even before we begin The Cassowary was chosen  Second to a giant tortoise named George To be another face in the tribe One well known local was Mrs C Jungle Queen of – where else – the Cassowary Coast Local personality for 50 years She would have been the one But she was already gone Killed by a car after… Read More »The Tribe endangered No. 2 Mrs c (too late)

The Tribe Endangered

Meet this tribe These far flung ones We can’t let go these precious ones Little do they know Their lives are in our hands And in our plans What is the plan for these friends Endangered or in decline? But they are not numbers Or strange tongue twisting names Linnaean Taxonomic classifications They are sentient beings We are sentient beings We have that in common But only we can control… Read More »The Tribe Endangered