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The After-Math

Note to selfDo the mathHow long will this takeFor a wildlife poetDedicating versesTo endangered speciesLet’s see…One million species at riskOf going extinct soonSo…One a day for a million daysis…2,739 years!I wish I would live that long!OK, 10 a day…still no weekends offIs…273.9…how many greatsIn front of my grand children would that be?OK, 20 a dayForget it!You do the mathMy calculator must be wrong, brokenIt’s not calculating what I want to… Read More »The After-Math

So Many Georges

It’s starting without knowingHow it will end, or whenBut time is running until we find outSo begin!So many casuesNone that are not worthySo many animals need rescuingSo many names, so much oppressionHuman cruelty rules the dayBut won’t have it all their own wayRescuers wait in the wingsThey have their boots on the groundAnd their eyes all aroundWhile those more remotePlan and orchestrate liberationOperations to retrieveTo snatch the helplessFrom cages, and… Read More »So Many Georges

BAU Kills

Here they comeThe Tribe is coming to your doorAll you corporationsWhat are you doing to ensureThey don’t become extinctWTFWe The ForsakenWTFWhat’s this for?WTFWhy the Fuss?WTF three times moreWhat To FundWhy To FundWhere To FundHow to supportThat’s what they’re here forSentient advisors, mobilisedPaws, hoofs, pads, feetSome with talonsSome with clawsFeet on the groundIn waters, fins and flukesLegs up to eightAnd even those with morewings above in the airEvery form of locomotionTo… Read More »BAU Kills

The Tribe Endangered No 6. Sutra

  Sutra, connect with KamaLearn to proliferateYou dont know you’re recedingGoing down, bowing outWalking backwardsTowards the precipiceNo retuning, don’t go thereWalk forward, enjoy lifeDo the deed, breedFind a mate, gestateBe a motherRaise the numbersHold the lineIncrease not to deceaseInstinct not to extinctSumatran rhinocerosDicerorhinus SumatrensisLast of your genus still standingTwo already goneIn Sumatra you found a homeAdapted, contentedForest dwelling pachydermInoffensive, yet you kept two hornsThat led to your undoingHorns prized by… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No 6. Sutra

Hero Unnamed

The hunt is on For this unnamed heroFallen Man of the ForestWho fought hand to giant metal handThe long arm of a metal monsterIn defence of his or her forest homeResistance futileHe fellWe want to find this oneWho, like we wouldFought for homeTook it to the handThat steals from himAll rights ripped awayBy a ‘superior’ speciesNot in ethics, just nameWas that the final battleThe last stand for tree and ManWhere… Read More »Hero Unnamed

Not Happy

Happy, not so Would that not implySentienceUnderstanding of emotionWhat about…LonelyBoredDepressedDespairingHuman emotions, rightNothing to do all dayHard standingCold feetSorry, another emotional responseAnimals can’t feel, they sayNot knowing what she’s doing thereNot knowing anything differentNo natural stimuliNo access to instinctsNo contact with her kindWe wonder if she remembersHer family, being ripped awayNot knowing the intimacyOf trunks exploringEntwining, scentingBlowing water or dustEither bath would be OKSensory as intendedFor learning, livingCommunicatingYour pachyderm no protectionFrom… Read More »Not Happy


BottleneckedLog jammedTrafficked jamSo many waitingQueued up to come throughWho to let through firstThe bright side storyOf the One Horned RhinosTo balance the shadowstoryOf another one cut downOr the shadowstoryOf the Fallen HeroOn the other sideOf the Life of Brian, the Forest ManOr Mr Garrettstepping in For Mrs CFound too lateOr the Painted DogBy requestAnd the restIn production Who should be published firstRhinoOrangutanCassowaryAfrican Painted Dog And then this…A book brimful of subjectsIn categories… Read More »Bottleneck


‘Embarking’The earth is the originmatrix of all lifeand its cradleglobe for its flameflying biosphereFully provisionedfor millions of speciesFrom the smallestunder ground and onmeasured in trillionsbut who’s countingFrom the depth of seasto the highest breezeeven we are hostsof said numbersincomprehensibleonly stars with which to compareFrom the skin to the guta veritable glutof microbial hitchhikers,making themselves at homeand in returnwe live and breathefueling the ‘Spark of Life’*in our in our 30 trillion… Read More »Embarking

Jaguar Rules

RegalLoyalRoyaltyJungle King and QueenWhat is it with big cats and kingdomsI reignI eat Caimans for breakfastPredators fear meApex predator of the watersMy catch of the dayI am dangerYet your acts endanger meDrive me that waySeek to end my reignOnce I’m on the vulnerable listEven with claws dug in, I slideDown the slippery slopeYou wish to overthrow mefor whom cowsor what, soybeansNeither of those ever called regalJungle treasonTreason against lifeWhat’s this… Read More »Jaguar Rules

Hunter Killer

There are hunters And there are KillersThe hunter hunts for foodThe Killer for gameOne to stay aliveOne to feel aliveContradiction-blindOne is an animalThe other unspecifiedThe Hunter, when not hungryHas no preyThe Killer, game prey all day anydayThe Killers need a hunterTo match them in their gameNature’s defences pitched in battleTooth and nail and sometimes tailKillers would have to turn tail and runBut Killers would not lay down their gunsTo even… Read More »Hunter Killer