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‘Five Shooter’ Third Finger -Tiger

 TigerRight of replySomething to say to LeoI’m Panthera tooOur path used to crossNot any more, Caspian is goneHaven’t seen any Asiatics latelyNothing to prove, I’m biggerThe biggest big catPanthera TigrisJungle and forest hunterCamouflaged for the stalkBright with dark markingBlack and burnt orange striped warningFor those in the knowUnlike the Lion, at home in the waterWhen hungry, no-where is refugeThe quarry needs to worryNeeds to be fast, alertI am the third… Read More »‘Five Shooter’ Third Finger -Tiger

The Fellowship of the Sentients

Part 1. It’s Personal I shed a tearAt first sight of this picTwo in factSpontaneous lachrymationThe love of my life beside meShared it tooWhat was the anatomyOf this emotive response?One tear was for the sentientReaching out the hand of helpTo a fellowThe fellowship of the sentientsEvidenceThe other eye’s tearThe shame I feel for these noble beingsFrom human ignoble acts Tear one returnsWhat a beautiful thingThis selfless act, recognisable to humansThis concern enacted,… Read More »The Fellowship of the Sentients

‘Five Shooter’ Middle Finger – Elephant

Pachyderm Preamble Lynne loves ElephantsMr Bennett shows us quite a few!Many others love them tooWith cameras, hearts and soulsNot guns – here’s number twoSecond of the five fingersOf the New Big Five ElephantMiddle FingerLongest reach tipCurve to anchor a holdA bit like an elephantSpecialised noseA proboscis for asking probing questionsTo this add picking up anythingEven small objects, with a pinchDelicatelySpay hose, worlds largest drinking strawFor dust bathing tooAbove and beyondJust the sense of… Read More »‘Five Shooter’ Middle Finger – Elephant

Colour Challenged

Red-Green Red-Brown Blue-Tongued Colour-Blind Lizard-Boy Who Can’t See the Full Rainbow Spectrum (and that made his future wife cry!) Let’s break this downInto non-alternative factsTurn it around, countdownRed-GreenHe can see red, and he can see greenBut not as you know itHe sees red cars, he sees green beansBut a red flower or fruit on a green treeHe really can’t see,  from a distanceUntil close enough to see shapeThen pattern-recognition is his… Read More »Colour Challenged

‘Five shooter’ Index: Lion

Index: Leo points the wayLionPanthera LeoKing of Big Cats(lets see what the Tiger says about that)First animal to mindAt the thought of Africa, iconWho hasn’t seen them in actionIn a nature documentary, life on earthFormerly spread over Europe and AsiaNow mainly here, with a few AsiaticsIn reserve in IndiaGone from 90 percent of their range40 percent down in three decadesMaybe around 23,000 left in the wildThe statistics don’t tell the… Read More »‘Five shooter’ Index: Lion


The kindness is comingWe would like to hearWe would like to thinkReason to smileOne day rejoiceOne day revelIn lifeWe can hopeWe can call it inLike attracts like(Except for magnetic poles)Living kind, kind actsThinking like kindIt is comingAfter its collapseHumans relapsedPracticed crueltyPerfected itPurveyed itSystematicallyAgainst our ownAnd other livesRefused to acceptThe suffering of othersIs not retrospectNo introspectionNo concernIndustrial scale crueltyNot considering the internecineAs world history attestsToo depressing to keep listingWhy so unkind?Is… Read More »Kindsided


One word in my mindGot me up at 4.00amThanks brain!Here goes…Prevailing winds are easy to seeNot the invisible rushing airBut the movement cause and effectWinds can blow from any which wayEasy to follow as they blowAcross the land and waterThings move and yield as they passTelltale movement in the trees and grassThen back to still as if never thereUnless destructive winds leave their markHow then do we see prevailing winds?By… Read More »Prevailing

Five Shooter

FiveLike fingersEach one differentDistinct in purposeTo hold, close your handWhich one would you choose to loseOne less important than the other?Big FiveLike fingersAll different, come togetherHold on for dear lifeWhich one would we choose to loseOne less important than the other?Old FiveLike fingersHold a gun, one for a triggerSqueeze off a roundOne comes downWhich one did they choose to wasteOne more prized than the other?New FiveNew hand dealtFingers come togetherTo… Read More »Five Shooter

The Tribe Endangered No. 8 Bali Starling – Madana from Heaven

Look upWhite on blueAgainst the skyWhite in greenAgainst the treesA flashy flying white flowerA bit too much blue eye linerWing and tail feathers tipsDipped in black inkStarring the Bali StarlingWhile still a star in the forestNot a former starEmblem of BaliLooks like a MynaOnly white with blue around the eyesNo minor this MynaStriking, this StarlingSticking out tooWants to be seen, not hiddenAlthough it is saidLooking up from the forest floorThey… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No. 8 Bali Starling – Madana from Heaven

The Tribe Endangered No. 7 Pichi in Pink

You’re kidding me!Pink, Uber cuteUgliest fairy you’ve ever seenFrizzy a…nteriorMonster-movie front clawsDon’t be cute-fooledEndangered of courseAlthough no-one really knowsToo shy and elusive for the countPink Fairy ArmadilloChlamyphorus truncataPichiciego for shortThough the name is biggerThan the creatureNever heard of it beforeOr seen the picture proofYet they existHave for a very long timeThey live in the sandDune diversSlip into the sandAt the first sign of dangerSand-swimmers(Poetic, but a myth – they just… Read More »The Tribe Endangered No. 7 Pichi in Pink