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The vigil begins One by one, the names We remember them, the elephants Unfamiliar names of sentients Now gone, lost – not forgotten Irretrievable, irreversible Lost forever but for the memory Gone forever but for the sound The names toll like a bell For whom that bell tolls we know Unfamiliar sounds, we know what they’re for Watching to ensure it happens no more Looking for a way to stop… Read More »Vigilance


What’s in a name?A name for a godA name for a national treasure, prodigyAnd his daughters, musical progenyA name for a presidentA singer, a composer, a painter, a poetAn actor, a director, a singer-songwriterA name for the timesA good name for an elephantThat’s how it well fitsBut an Indian Elephant bears it bestNot Shankar, out of Africa!Can never go backGods are different over thereIndia’s Shankar is a sorry godHis godhead… Read More »Shankar

Say the Word

A message for the Railways Minister of India.’Say the Word’A word in an earWorld’s largest ear(Except for the African show-offs)What would you whisperTo an Asian ElephantMay not make it through the dayIf this being makes it across the tracksReckless train drivers missed todayWhat does their Minister say?And if it doesn’t get hung up on a fenceIllegally raised, electrocutedJust to protect crops plantedElephants can’t tell the differenceBetween food and livelihoodAnd if… Read More »Say the Word


RamboI’m conflictedAs an Australian who loves native animalsYou must be taken out, you’re feralA wildlife criminal, extinction agentCut and dried the decisionBut it seems it’s not that easyRambo, wiley foxOn the loose, area set for protectionPilliga Forest, reintroduce endangered speciesHeld up for more than 18 monthsThere can’t be a fox in thereNot even oneBut in there he isThree years evading capturePosing for surveillance camerasEvading shooters, escaping detection dogsNot taking 3,000… Read More »Outfoxed

Five Shooter – Thumb: Gorilla

Ancestor Once there was a coming togetherInauspicious, completely naturalA merging of genes to create a new lifeThe father was an Ape ancestorThe mother too, but moreA mutation made her the motherOf a new line, unremarkable at firstMore than two million years ago, HomoUntil the arrival, the Eve of Modern HumansThe mitochondrial mother of all, traceableTake an evolutionary leap forwardHere today, looking backA Gorilla once crossed a riverUnremarkable, completely naturalBut we won’t… Read More »Five Shooter – Thumb: Gorilla

Five Shooter – Little Finger: Polar Bear

 ‘No With the Flow’I evolved to blend inTo the ice and snowTo go with the flowNow ice floes meltingNowhere to goNo with the floeDon’t let me lose my coatDistinctive white, snow-blindingAnd end up a dirty brown bearStarvingIn the no ice and snow aroundNothing against brown bearsSolid ground boundThey at least can live thereThat’s their territoryNot ours, Ice MarinersWe are seal hunters, swimmersBut if our vessels meltHow long can we swim,… Read More »Five Shooter – Little Finger: Polar Bear


My passion is wildlifeMy compulsion to writeAbout endangered speciesEven more so those criticallyThose on the way over the edgeOr already over, clinging onI write to collect the strandsTo weave into a ropeA very big rope, super strongA rescue ropeNothing less is neededA rescue mission must be mounted(Admittedly, ‘Slightly Mad’ I take this on)Many hands make life workGather all the resourcesBring the fading back to life, brilliantly But there are many, so… Read More »TOM


NamesakeThis cannot beThey must leave you beYour descendants co-evolvingCompanions of our speciesSince a cub somewhere was rescuedBack in timeRaised by a sapien tribeNeolithic hunter-gatherersBoth ice-bound, bondingGrew up to earn its livingCo-hunter with food rewardedBecoming more as time unfoldedEvolutionary, running besideTravelling companion through the agesFollowed humans to every climeFarming and settling changed the courseKnocked them off the pedestalPreviously buried with pride, honouredPart of the tribe, co-hunter made redundantChanged the journey, changed… Read More »Namesake

Animal Heroes

Animal heroes I have knownHeroes of animals you mean?Yes and noYes a human hero, for animalsNo an animal, for an animalIt’s no insult to be called the sameWe are soTherein lies the problemThinking we are not, far above in factBut biology says no, we are fellowsAnother species, abandoned our rootsLeft the evolutionary pathActed outside nature, looking inSeeing not fellows but resourcesFood and skins on legs, with wingsEven in the sea,… Read More »Animal Heroes

Now Eye See

A true storyNot mine, but faithfully retoldFact-checked by the ownerHer words recountingAnother encounterFellow SentientsThe evidence mountingNot only anecdotally Meaningful encountersOccur with two sides onlyOne side a story-telling animalThe other, the other main characterFellow animal with a storyNot articulate but vocalThough it was the silenceAnd the gaze A look we’ve seen beforeEye contact from the waterA denizen of the deepThis one a land animalOne to remember, and who Alicia loves animals… Read More »Now Eye See