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Animal Heroes

Animal heroes I have known
Heroes of animals you mean?
Yes and no
Yes a human hero, for animals
No an animal, for an animal
It’s no insult to be called the same
We are so
Therein lies the problem
Thinking we are not, far above in fact
But biology says no, we are fellows
Another species, abandoned our roots
Left the evolutionary path
Acted outside nature, looking in
Seeing not fellows but resources
Food and skins on legs, with wings
Even in the sea, with flukes and fins
Then economics kicked in
Take more than you need
Sell it, amass – build an empire
There’s medicine in those bones
And scales and horns
And other unmentionable things
Money to be made, a livelihood
Animal as commodity
(Not discussing Trophies here
That has a tome of its own)
A way out of poverty, for some
Organised crime lurks behind
Wildlife crime that is
Other animals pedalled, traded
However oxymoronic that is
So then, to counter
We need rangers, guardians
Sentinels armed to the teeth
To protect the teeth of others
To send poachers packing
To repel range invaders, killers
Small armies against militias
Rangers never know, going to work
If they will make it through the day
Sad and happy
That we have such an army
Men with guns, and women
Equality as heroes in the battle field
Backed by technology to defend
Who pays wins
Expensive operations, boots on the ground
Supply lines must be fed
Or we will lose the line, pushed back
And the animal populations
All those co-evolvers
Would be decimated, slaughtered
Down to the last one, to the last dollar
That’s the mentality of some human animals
We see ourselves smarter than that
Permanently outside nature, always looking in
Superior in every way
Except intelligence it seems
What pile of bull-elephant-s..kat is that
Much bigger, when all is said and dung
Change it for a badge of honour
Bestowed by nature
All animals are we
Being called an animal, once insulting
But consulting evolutionary biology
It is more a fact, than our fiction
An animal is an animal
We’re included in that
Tagged with the appellation Sapien
Questionable now if deservedly
We can still live up to our name
Think – our precious human trait
Like an animal, a fellow animal
At the top of the intelligence gain
Why squander such a heritage
Understand how we got here
Acknowledge our roots
And our fellow animals
Animals of Africa
Of which we all originally are
Fighting for animals of Africa
And elsewhere on the globe
Where there is predation, poaching
Archaic thinking, cruel intent
Dollar-worshippers, sentience-blind
Who stands to turn the tide?
Rangers, guardian warrior angels
Heroes on the front line
Repelling and fighting their own kind
Best of our kind, who stands behind you?
Lest we regret
Every day is World Rangers Day
Just another perilous workday
For #animalheroes
Come home safely
on any given day

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